5 Life lessons everyone must know

  1. Be nice : Life is all about permutations and combinations. If someone ditched you for being nice and caring doesn’t mean that you become an asshole. Somebody else might be attracted to the same qualities of yours for which you were deserted. It’s best not to forgo your originality.
  2. Forgive in love : Don’t take revenge from someone else if others were not fair with you. It’s the worst argument. He/she may repeat it with someone else equally innocent. Innocence is already endangered,preserve what ever is left anyway. I am ready to take 10 heart burns to get that one pricier sweet heart.
  3. Love out pars everything: Never leave an ugly ( not physically superior) girl/boy who loves you truly for a sexy/hot love who do not love you. Physical beauty is a short-term investment. Everyone is going to get old,only love is permanent.
  4. Energy never lies: If you want to decide about best person in your life,close your eyes and think only about their energy or vibe they exhibit towards you. Feel that energy. People lie,words lie,body language also deceives at times. But energy never lies. Love is energy.
  5. Only positivity reflects : Karma may not be bitch but surely is a deity. It may not work backwards and the person who betrayed you might not feel the heat and suffer the consequences but it always works reflectively forward. If you are good to someone,it always comes back. I have experienced it plenty of times. Whenever someone deceived me, they might not have suffered but I always got positive rewards.

When a bird is alive… it eats ants,

When the bird has died, … ants eat it.

One tree can be made into a million match sticks…

But only one match stick is needed to burn a million trees.

Circumstances can change at any time… Don’t devalue or hurt anyone in this life. You may be powerful today but time is more powerful than you…

Law of Karma

Gautam Buddha

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