1. Looking at your smiling lover for reaction when only two of you know the details of incident.
  2. You little kid giving you a head massage (when they can barely walk or talk).
  3. Seeing your loved one getting recognition (and crying in the process).
  4. Stealing a kiss from your girlfriend in her house in a quick zippy, with coming into radar of any one.
  5. Mothers gaze following their little packet of joy, even subconsciously. You ask any mother however busy in any Mall or public place ‘where is you kid ?’ In a jiffy they have the answer. Mothers follow their kids with telepathic antennas.
  6. Meeting you girlfriend after a long time and trying to figure out the change (specially in their weight!).
  7. Looking at your lady love bargaining with that poor vegetable vendor and seeing the feeling of accomplishment on their face with that hefty 2 buck discount!
  8. Surety in a girls eye when she sees her brother coming to pick her up.
  9. Pump in muscles gym.
  10. Stern look in your girl’s face when she catches you flexing your ever flirting arms too hard.
  11. Repeated ‘I love you’ instead of sorry! (specially for males).
  12. Deep meditation or enlightenment (the best one and most underrated out there).
  13. First kiss of your life with the person you really love.
  14. Proposing you true love.Those tensed three seconds afterwards and waiting for their answer. Heart beats go live on radio and it feels that everyone in the universe can listen to it.
  15. First time your kid calls you papa.
  16. Enlightenment (I am repeating just to lay more emphasis on real pleasure of life). Nothing beats enlightenment, not even sex with Deepika Padukone.