If it is you first time then get ready for a roller coaster ride.

  1. Stage one : Initially you life will have a mild warmth attached to everything. You will start to love a lot many things. World will start to look like a better place to live. If you are the only one in love but feelings are not conveyed, reciprocated or succinct, you might feel desperate, jealous,restless a times of their absence or at times when you fear losing them.
  2. Stage two : Now things are getting clear. You both know that feelings are there and many man indirect clues are available to affirm your hypothesis (of love!).At this point of time, you anxiety will transform to excitement. You mind will become a live radio with a lots of romantic songs as well as you might turn poetic. A lot of goosebumps, waiting,daydreaming,cursing at times (if you are not able to meet them or see them). Sometimes you want to kiss them or touch them or hug them. This stage is most intense as well as exciting. A lot of suspense,unnecessary suspicions, bit spying on whatsApp status,instagram updates etc. creep in. You go from loving them to hating them with quick turn around in mood. Love is not complete in this stage and since it is still unrequited, a lot of anxiety prevails excitement, intermittently though.
  3. Stage three : Now love is requited mutually. You meet and love and kiss and hug and talk for hours. At time you are connected via chat or call. You tend to pour your heart out and feel really good. You have someone who is totally yours and cares for you unconditionally. This feeling of self assurance is the greatest perk of love.
  4. Next stage : After all this quick dates, meetings,kissing each other, feeling each other etc. comes a more profound state of love. Now meetings ad call are replaced by permanent assurance. You know each other very well. You in fact know what other person might be doing at any given moment. Some deep lovers experience telepathy or astral connections. All your anxiety is gone and you are fulfilled with omnipresent assurance and trance like love. This stage is meditative. Two become one and no boundaries whatsoever remains. You are naked in front of each other in all ways i.e. physically, mentally and spiritually. Cuddling and hugging take driver seat than kissing,copulation or fluid transfused love. You sit with each other for hours just talking nothing or just banal things or just cuddling. I call this stage as spiritual union. If you reach this stage of intense connection (less than 1% couples really go that far), only death can separate you then. Wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you meet, other person starts to live in your heart and their voice also becomes guiding voice of your day to day activities. You are always mentally present with them in a meditative trance like state. This is equivalent to enlightenment, the extreme blissful state of mind, often described by Buddha and monks of the kind.

Love is a slow process but when it completes, you need nothing else.

A word of caution

If you feel that all of the above is unrealistic or too spiritual or outdated or idealistic then love is not for you. You can then stop at step three and be happy with sexual and mental love only.The eternal love condition is not there in stage three. You have to maintain your relationship and fulfilled certain relationships goals. Materialistic love ends in stage three for most of the people. That is why people say love hurts and there is no real love in this world.

Love is there but only for those who are willing to go that far.