More or less it is true.

Men and Indian men in particular are too desperate for relationships. Every male is following about 20 girls. Every girl thus think that she has 20X options! What she doesn’t realise that men have same cheesy lines and formula for every girl!

This creates an unresolved dilemma. Girls think that every man is creepy. To get genuine love is becoming tougher now a days because every one is on a race to get a partner to boost their VD quotient!

Options are not equal to choices. You may also be a option for those ‘options’. You are not the only one they know. Right?

Girls have a mental count for their fans and followers. That count is the secret to their weird behaviour. This is human tendency. The problem with that number is that they are only ego boost. If they want them, they would have got them! Hence those who say that it is quite easy for a girl to get laid or to get a boy friend are correct. On the contrary to get a real boy friend is equally difficult for a girl. To get what is available and to get what you want are two different things.

Girls are terrible lovers in general because they don’t have any experience in flirting or following. If the guy they love isn’t approaching to them they might never get him!

Everybody has problems you see!