Every women has a mother in her. I have not seen any love greater than love of a mother. But yes women are also human. They also have a conscious mind.This mind protects their heart like everyone else.This mind has inclination towards materialism, towards physical comforts as well as worldly pleasures. Every love story starts in conscious mind and hence has elements of all these in the beginning. When love becomes more profound,it overtake sour subconscious mind and that is when true love starts. Physical features start to mean less and everything become peripheral.

Then why love stories end so soon now a days ? Why we say unconditional love does not exist ? Because most of the love stories never reach sub conscious mind. We are so blinded by media, that we do not reach that deeper states of mind, with so many distractions and options available, we have habit of hopping from one tree to another!

Let me tell you a secret. We all are same from inside. If you can love any one from your core,you will not need any one else. Relationships leave you thirsty while love fulfils you for forever. We are so struck in physical union that terms like spiritual union look like a hoax or scam!

To know love, fall in love with anyone, completely,truyl,without any expectations and you shall be relieved. The cause of pain in love is expectations.

  • They don’t call, you feel pain because you are expecting them to call!
  • They don’t meet and again pain is from expectations.

Wait for the day it becomes unbearable for them to not to meet, not to connect, not to call. If you have to nurture love, its not love. Do your job well and go to sleep.

Thus both women and men are capable of unconditional love but only with compatible partners. Love is in fact unconditional by default. We have terms and conditions in business settings only.