6 qualities which I feel everyone must have

I write sometimes back, my understanding is my weakness.

  1. Emotional Intelligence : I understand what you feel, why you feel and what can be done about it. I do some thing about it proactively and hence suffer.
  2. Happy go lucky attitude : I’m absolutely cool. I don’t keep emotional baggage. Hence at times people feel that I am fake or insensitive or needy! Yes there are very few people like me. This is due to the philosophical teachings and meditation.
  3. Friendly : I’m friendly and have many friends. I do chat and connect with many people including many girls. I do like many of them. This makes people feel that I am a flirt and player. But love to me is a very deep connection. I never show my real personality to all. I usually act with people. My real self is tender and private. I open only to those who surrender fully and completely. Once I expose my tender heart it’s not possible for me to control my feelings. Hey my fake acting self is not bad either! It is the copy of original. You can never differentiate between the two, if you have never seen the real one.
  4. I’m tit for tat. I’m good at heart but know the rules very well. If I want I can con you, but I never will. Because they is my basic nature.
  5. Hopeless romantic : Love to me is what the world calls ‘A hopeless romantic’. I guess there is no female like me and never will.
  6. Extremist : I’m a extremist. Either very good else very bad. I guess this is not a good quality!

No one is better than anyone. It’s only in the perception.