I have many with whom I share a deep bond but we interact infrequently.

  • I am quite moody. I have modes in my life, like Quora mode, writing mode, mathematics mode, movie mode, love mode, chatting mode, gym mode, traveling mode, Osho mode, FB mode, WA DP change mode, eating mode and countless many. I am in different modes at different points of time in a year. Since I dedicate my time exclusively, I am inaccessible for quite many times. My friends know this or know this in meantime. Hence my bonds are never safe. I always leave relationships on very good note and hence I never have issues or reconnection.
  • Some time I fly off for days, weeks, months,years and when I return to them, they are always happy. I remain in one mode until or unless disturbed by other modes. Some times I remain in Osho mode for days. I stop thinking in Osho mode and kind of detox my mind.

Yes,I am difficult, moody and emotionally taxing as well as high maintenance.

These are my tests. Those who remain are those who pass. Yes, if I get external stimulation, I do get out of my modes and shift gears. Else I wait for my modes to change naturally. All my earlier girl friends had this perpetual complain about me but I can’t help.

Love is about loving everything about someone.