For persons there are quite a few. But for thing…okay…

I can give everything for a comfortable (not luxurious) life where I don’t have to work any more and I can pursue my real passions like body building, mathematical research,meditation, writing,researching on natural methods of healing and may be longevity,psychological experiments,philosophy,helping people in matter of hearts etc. etc..

I want a room with very comfy bed, a assistant like partner, air conditioner,big fridge,gym member ship, lot of books,very fast desktop and laptop and silence. I have all these but still I have to work to achieve them.

I don’t want a lot of money but a lot of free time in which I can do some thing really helpful for the world. I love knowledge and wisdom and love sharing them. I love to talk. Again I am infinitely moody and get bored very easily. I really want to build a system which can help humans to live forever. I have a dream to design supplements and health program which can help people to live and enjoy life forever. All this need a lot of research and time. As far as money is concerned, I can get funding but time to research has to be mine, which I don’t have now.

My dream is traveling and freedom. I aspire to be an writer (I have published a small book and writing one more which is larger) and a motivational speaker because it can give me freedom to travel and I am not stuck in one city as of now due to my business.

My ultimate aim is freedom, time,love,comfort but not a lot of money. I shall get there in 10 years any how.