Early teenage : I was shy and studious. Till grade 8th I was a language student. I topped in Hindi and social studies and was abysmal in Maths and science. Girls did liked me a lot and I don’t now why. Maybe I was shy or was genuine and truthful.

After that from grade 9th to XIIth, I was kind of Maths geek! Mathematics was my prime interest and I lost track of languages. I was still shy and studious and girls still liked me secretly!

In early college, I changed completely. Read quite a few psychology books and learned a lot of love tricks and it did wonders. A shy guy t o a play boy (charmer). I was over whelmed by the methods and misused them to get much validation and confidence.

Later I settled in life and left these tricks. Although I did inbuilt some of good points of seduction into my personality. Fortunately or unfortunately, I always had lady attention and the journey still continues.