Love story…which one?

The latest, the best, most captivating or which one ?

Fortunately or unfortunately, I never has to impress girls my whole life. I really don’t know why but primarily due to my innate ability to read emotions via body language.

I am naturally very confident, the virtue girls like inherently. I can read body language so well that I can literally read what you are thinking. I can tweak my behaviour too quickly to suit the girls behaviour and responses.

That charm is natural into me and sort of both inborn and learned.

Most difficult part for my love stories was to hold my attention to a single girl. I need constant connection else I start to drift away. I get into micro crushes and sort of form mini relationships with many girls, in parallel at times.

Strange part is that I love all of them and never use any one for my pleasure. And here starts the classic jealousy battle!

If I fall for you then for some time you are my whole and soul. Total dedication, no flirting out side relationship. As soon as you start to neglect me, I drift towards other attractions and form mini bonds (Just o compensate for my emotional needs). I love all of them equally and like them all!

This is the story of all my love stories.

True love, neglect, multiple true love and chaos!