She is willing to marry! You are friendzoned my friend.

Again I say that girls do not love you out of mercy or guilt.You have to be a suitor.

  1. You can get her now only by neglecting her and making her jealous.Start distancing out.Hang out with other girls.Make her believe that she may loose you.
  2. Make yourself more groomed,happy etc. Exercise,run,get a new watch,a new mobile or anything.Happier you look without her better are your chances.Propose her only if she feel the longing for you.
  3. Else all girls are same after marriage.This mirage of love breaks soon you start living with a girl.To every lover his girlfriend is “Unique”, how is this possible mathematically.You ask any love marriage couple and they tell you the same.They all are same dude.Get out of your infatuations.
  4. Lesser your choices greater your infatuations.Girls have more choices and hence they are less infatuated.Increase your choices and see if the feelings persist!
  5. Remember my words : They all are same.