Butterflies don’t flock around garbage my friend.The truth and the bitter truth is that they always want somebody better than them.Women love value, may be of any kind.Would YOU love somebody out of pity and only that she loves you?
She has more assets than you, so make yourself prized possession.

  1. Only way to get a girl back is to make her jealous of you.Play with her friends.Touch her (Not physically but mentally) only outside her circle.
  2. Neglect her often!
  3. Once she notices you, then start your act.Be good and bad both.Your actions must excite her and all good is all boring!
  4. Use Benjamin Franklin effect.Ask some genuine help from her to create liking and reciprocate.
  5. Every relationship becomes same after initial teasing.You will talk all boring stuff afterwards with her.But to ignite the fire you need the sparkle.
  6. To get rid of her conscious mind use these tricks.But believe me there is NOTHING more addictive than true love.Thus stop playing after you get her.Be a lover boy after playing play boy!