What’s wrong in being single!

  1. Why do you want some one’s validation for your manliness.
  2. Love happens and will happen.Don’t wait for it.
  3. No body will complete you.If you are complete , they will find you to complete them.
  4. Girls often are emotionally dependent .They need a shoulder and not a puppy!
  5. To clear your doubts, here is the anatomy of so called “now a days” love.
  • You fall in love.
  • You follow, play tricks, get a YES, are very elated. Lasts for about three days.
  • You start dating with you new found love.Go to movies, parks, Malls,post selfies and announce to your group that you are also NOW WORTHY!
  • After three months the euphoria settles down (Scientific fact).Now you don’t have so much time for each other and “other” things start to feel attractive!
  • You start to have a fight over issues, mainly on “not giving me time….”
  • With drawl symptoms for 2 weeks.
  • Start Gym ( For boys) and start eating (For girls).
  • Back to normal in one and a half months.
  • Repeat step 1.

7. Better start gym now.Start a hobby now.Start reading now.

Remember : A Cat is most interested to the least interested person in the room!

Dear friend Girls are CATS not DOVES! Looks are deceptive!

via I am a 12th grader in Mumbai. I’m still single and I keep on fantasizing about being in deep love with a girl in the future. Why?