Get your facts right.

  1. Men wants SEX from every second women they see, so what? Its in built in to them biologically.
  2. Make yourself intellectually stimulating.Trying to impress is the worst mistake you can do.I will or any one will not do charity-love.Create some tension in the relationship.Play some game, do some drama,make some chords strike…stir the water!
  3. Delaying (Not barring) the gratification is the ultimate rule of love.If he doesn’t find any challenge, believe me for SEX he will pay 100 bucks and not waste his time and energy on you!
  4. The challenge should however be limited to teasing only and should NOT turn to manipulation!
  5. If you want to see your immediate worth, don’t contact him (Pretending you are dead) for 10 days.If he doesn’t care , even if you are dead, leave him.