Many compliments I got.But the best ones (From different sources though…)

  1. You are as straight as jalebi (Indian Sweet, which is all circles in circles)…
  2. Ye Hemant hain! ( He is Hemant, never believe him); Context : Was trying to prove girl friend of my GF that I am not a flirt.
  3. You are unique.
  4. You hacked my mind.
  5. You are my only secret.
  6. You are above par me.I can never match you.(Multiple sources ; Common to almost all).
  7. Jab tum chale jate ho,phir bhi kyu nahi jate.(When you leave my place, even then why you don’t leave my thoughts).
  8. You are very intelligent.

Update : Just wanted to add few images which I found in my closet.(Not all of them were my girl friends, some just good friends.).

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