For Men

  1. Choosing the right girlfriend : Men are not as choosy as girls are.Men have limited requirements from a girlfriend. This sometimes makes their increasingly difficult. At any given time one man has several potential love partners. Men get attracted to girls very easily and hence keep trying on any decent looking girl. They are programmed biologically to mate with as many females possible. On the contrary girls have many options with them. They have pipeline proposals based on hierarchy of suitors. Greatest dilemma for men is to choose the right girl and for women is to reject the right guy!
  2. Career options (Besides engineering): In the plethora of career opportunities, it is a dire difficult job to choose the correct career option. Follow your heart is the mantra for today (at least seems so). In realistic model, one must follow the career path which matches his skill as well as interest. You must chose the intersection point of both.
  3. Choosing the life partner : There come a time in everyone’s life when you have to choose your life partner. They may be or may not be the people you love. Greatest dilemma (often for girls) is to select lifestyle or life partner. We can’t blame girls entirely for their decision. Money and comfort are indeed important for life. Nowadays we don’t have that deep true love. Hence Being practical in love is important as well as imperative. If the person you love cannot get motivated and inspired enough to create a good life for you then either his love is fake or he is fake.