No. Only problem is the way men and women approach and assume love.

Men love girls for what they are and not who they are. A high value man can fall for a average looking girl who is caring and understands him. Role of a woman in man’s life is to provide emotional support and feminine aura.

A woman can never love anyone for what they are. They always are choosy (this choice is given to them by nature) and love those who fit their scales of preselection. A woman will love to her death an Alpha man (according to her scale) and truly love him. But by if any chance he falls from that pedestal, the love will vanish. This is inbuilt in women.

Hypergamy has been studied and proven by many psychologists like Briffault.

I don’t condemn it since it is biologically inbuilt in women. Men too are polygamous and given a chance to fuck a good looking women without constraints or pre conditions, 90% of men will readily accept the offer.

Then what is true love? Does it exists? Unconditional true love?

Yes Indeed it exists. All these psychological principles, laws, hypergamy and polygamy are virtues of mind. Once you clear that mind to mind love stage and enter deep soulmate connection, all these compatibles stop to exist. Real true love does exist but only problem is that to reach that stage you need to surpass media programmed brainwashed mind.

It takes a long time for that deep connection to develope. Much longer than today’s relationship last. You need to keep playing the role till that mental barrier of two is broken and one identity is established. To be precise this relationship stage is very boring and exhausting.

Don’t blame love now onwards.

Does love fade over time?