1. Break up due to logistics. Parents, society, financials,caste,creed, religion, region, language, distance etc. Mostly when they are imposed by external factors.
  2. Forced breakup by either partners if it can’t work out in long term. Sometimes people breakup if relationship has no future. That is more hurtful if one partner silently decides for breakup and breaks of without letting other person know. They breakup for absurd reasons, hiding the real cause. Usually above factors mentioned in point 1 are the reason. But in order to avoid pain for their partners, people sacrifice their love by forced ridiculous false reason breakup. Other person moves on thinking them to be weak or cheater or not serious. Only one person wears the shock of both the heartbreaks. Love is really strange.
  3. Cheating hurts more than breakup. If you discover that your lover was having affair (backup love) before breakup and they moved really fast, it kills you from inside. We expect our lovers to feel the loss. Sometimes we want them to wait for us, come back to us (since true love revisits). But if you find your lover going to parties, enjoying movies, new love etc. within a week of breakup, your are killed twice. You know that your were redundant and have dumped. Dumping hurts more than breakup. You know dumping is not same as breakup.
  4. Some times your ex lovers don’t party after break up but continue to live life as normal as if nothing happened. This too hurts deeply. Love is extension of our selves and or self worth. Sometimes we feel special and privileged only because someone loves us. Now they are gone and are perfectly normal. This takes a toll on our self worth and self image.
  5. Removal of memories. Sometimes people destroy all social media proofs of relationship. Delete account, pics or completely wipe you out of their life. Burn letters, pictures,gifts. Delete messages, block you everywhere. Sort of deny even your existence in their lives. This again hurts a lot. They kill the friendship too with love. It seems all selfish on their part. Girls usually make new social media accounts (since getting new friends and followers is not a issue for sexy girl) with new boyfriend. It feels that they have taken a part of you from you. Memories are shared attributes. Sometimes lovers destroy social media proofs to hide their previous love stories. Since old love can interfere with new love!
  6. If your lovers get new partners soon and you still remain single hoping them to rebound it hurts badly. I wrote this on “Remorse of old love is…” Quote by Hemant Pandey.

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