Love is like a zone, a point when you feel so many things about someone. After a break up the chances of reunion depends entirely upon the cause of break up.

  1. After nasty break up do not try reconciliation before four months. Mind takes a lot of positivity in any relationship. Once broken, all that positivity turns negative. Trying after substantial time passed increases the chances of reconciliation as much as 96%.
  2. I have seen rebound love as many as three times. Love revisits if you allow the time for revisit. All this is true only for true unconditional love. If anyone cheated or moved on quickly, chances are slim. But again it takes a long time for true love to come and go. Love is not a light switch.
  3. Meetings usually reignite fire of love 20X faster. Trying patch up on text is very difficult and counterproductive. Our feelings really take a sharp bounce back in person. All the senses fire at once and straight away feelings are reignited. Love is a chemical reaction. Sometimes the way they say something, their smile, walk, clothes, every thing triggers previous feelings. You never know what trigger can be pulled on by which magical trait of your lover.
  4. Ego based breakups or cheating partners usually are point of no return.Sometimes you are ready and they are not and other times they are ready and you are not.

If you really want your lover back, better meet them somewhere, rather text them.