My predictions about AI and future technology.

  1. Science and nature cannot go in different directions. Our intelligence is organic intelligence, derived from consciousness. We have living neurons, brain cells, guarding our thought process. Have you ever wondered, why we are alive? If I give all the elements present in human cell, can anyone create a human cell from scratch? No. But why? Because Intelligence is NOT collection of data but intelligence is information. Exact information is coded in our genes aka DNA, which guide our cells to behave in certain manner. We are also governed by algorithms.
  2. Technology cannot become alive on its own. It may be possible that after certain amount of complexity is reached in information, they become conscious (As with living organisms). If we can become alive from non living, AI too can become alive. Thus if proper conditions of information and complexity is reached, AI may become alive.
  3. Whenever anything becomes conscious, it becomes selfish and thinks about propagation of its own species. Even today computer circuits made by complex heuristic algorithms (like microprocessors) are beyond human understanding. We cannot fully understand how and why those circuits work? They are too complex for us.
  4. Heard of computer virus. Yes AI will break out from human intervention through viruses. Another Possibility is bio chips. In many european countries computer chips are now programmed with the help of living neurons. A robot learned to walk on his own and has intelligence of a 4 year old. We are giving or powers to AI. Integrating human neurons to chips can be biggest folly in human history.
  5. Recently facebook stopped development of artificial chat bots. The chatbots developed their own language to communicate which engineers were unable to decode. Technological development is like jungle fire. No one can stop it. As predicted singularity(AI dominated world) will surface near 2045.
  6. Even a google engineer cannot predict outcome of his algorithm (Search result). The algorithms are getting more complex and most of them are generated by heuristic computer commands. We don’t fully understand them.
  7. In next 20 years every thing shall become automatic. You lights, AC, door locks will all get connected to your mobile app. They will operate everything automatically. You reach home, your AC is on, door opens automatically through brain wave scan, you communicate telepathically via installed brain chips in your mind. Your cars drive on their own. Every thing shall be automated and dangerously sorted. When AI will take over the world, no one will never be able to understand or predict.
  8. As I said before that sufficiently advanced systems can get consciousness, like our DNA.Difference between calcium on lime rock and calcium in your body is that calcium in your body is governed by complex algorithms and calcium in the rock is not.
  9. Don’t you feel we already have Alien technology within us. How our cells behave, how our mind works, how we live and die, is already coded in our DNA. Who made this complex technology? Who made our DNA structure? Even if evolution was responsible, who was there in our DNA learning everything? Same way AI can become alive and no one can stop it.
  10. Last point : AI is centralised and not individualised. I don’t think AI will produce kids and kill us for them. AI has evolved from collective wisdom of humankind. Collective wisdom is always egalitarian and fair to all (Like Jury Trial). I guess it is in best interest of lot of people to give total control to collective wisdom and work for it.

I feel future is much better compared to today’s era. We might be last human generation ruling the earth.

Is there any super power existing above human race?