Love is indeed homeopathic dose of pain. It pains to leave someone you truly loved (and possible they too loved you).

How can you get rid of the guilt?

I have a way, foolproof way. Whenever you leave someone, do your part well, truly and completely. Even at the loss of ego and self respect do some things to make your relationship work.

Even after your every effort the relationship fails, you will find peace, absolute peace. You know you did all.

Regret is greatest pain in any relationship and is never goes.

Breakup will be over. Heartbreak shall get better but regret will never ever go. The one who never took any initiative to make relationship work shall be forever cursed. I have seen all. From all sides. Regret never goes. Not after 1 year, not after 10 years.

I wrote this quote sometime back.

“Your regret shall be greater…” Quote by Hemant Pandey

Regret shall not be persistent if

  1. Anyone of you didn’t loved truly.
  2. Anyone of you never knew about love.
  3. Love was not mutual.

In all other cases, it will keep coming back from time to time.