Attraction is a complex biochemical process.

  1. Every woman will not like you even if you are Tom Cruise.
  2. Every woman will not hate you even if you are Rajpal Yadav.
  3. Attraction depends on many factors. Girls are attracted to people similar to their father in appearance.
  4. Attraction hacks indeed enhance your attractiveness multi-fold to any woman.
  5. All attraction hacks work on principle of reducing initial rejection rather than enhancing attraction.
  6. If you surpass biological pre-selection tests of women (subconscious), journey afterwards is just better communication skills.
  7. Mind is irrational. Once your inherent quality is established in woman’s mind, she has no control over in falling in love with you.
  8. Women can resist falling in love with many people. They select and choose compatible partners. But if you once surpass that pre-selection, they can never control their feelings. Just like the gates of dam, when opened it’s not in the control of women. In seduction circles this is called ‘domino’s effect’.
  9. Women are last to fall in love and out of love.
  10. Confidence and nonchalant attitude are most desired male traits.

Secrets to modern woman’s heart