5 reasons people cheat on you

We all have this invisible internal personality in ourselves. You can call it evolutionary brain or reptilian mind or our primitive brain.

  • We do many things automatically.
  • We get attracted to people and have no control over it.
  • We eat things which are unhealthy and can’t stop ourselves easily.

This so called primitive brain is responsible for all emotional/instinctive decisions in life.

People cheat you when

  1. You become needy, clingy and dependent on them.
  2. You give them more importance they deserve (Very Important).
  3. You become too selfless and accommodating, thinking about their perspective too while making decisions.
  4. You become too available for them.
  5. You devalue yourselves in order to satisfy their ego.

Ideally in true love all this must be norm. But as I said, we are guided and controlled by our evolutionary mind. We can’t usually help it.

The best way is to understand that primitive brain and act in accordance with its basic nature.