Psychologically its called reciprocity. Liking is reciprocal. If we like someone there is healthy chance that they would like us back.But following things must be taken into account.

  1. Liking someone is good. Its fine to tell them that you like them. Many times we are ourselves confused for our liking. If I like someone and she likes me but none of us never told each other our self doubt might stop us from taking further steps.
  2. Liking someone is harmless. I may like someone but I don’t expect anything in return. Liking is just enhanced friendship.
  3. You must avoid , however, telling people directly that you love them or are obsessed about them. Love is not same as liking. Love is a responsibility, a burden to some. Love is much more than plain liking. Having telling someone relatively new to your acquaintance, that you love them is totally counterintuitive. Loving without formal friendship raises suspicion. It doesn’t look natural.

What are some reasons a man rejects a woman?

Liking is reciprocal, harmless and in fact soothes relationships but never guarantees love.