8 things men do when they really love you

  1. Banal talk : Whenever a man loves you, sometimes their minds stops working and they are just mesmerised in your aura or thoughts. They start banal talk which makes little sense. Sometimes they start to speak loudly in their minds and words just pop up. Sometimes they speak whole sentence and later correct them whenever you pretend to not to hear them! Always take their initial expression as true. Suppose a guy inadvertently says ‘I love you’ and you be like ,what ? Then they correct it like ‘ I mean , I love your nature.’ You know which one to choose.
  2. Lose sense of time : The greatest compliment for any one is when someone says that ‘I never know when time passed with you or these two hours went like five minutes’. Whenever you lose sense of time, space, hunger,thrust or anything with someone, you love them. Men usually forget everything when they are with their love interests. Girls however are more cautious in this regard. If you are with your girlfriend at her place, you may forget sense of time but she has to answer to other people. If she really throws you out of her house, you know that it’s not lack of love but social pressure and prying eyes. A girl had a lot of restriction to handle.
  3. Touchy behaviour : Unlike the social stigma , all men are not perverts and looking to find excuses to touch every girl inappropriately. We also touch people whom we love. Men test a girl’s reaction via touch. If she is comfortable with a mild touch, she also likes you. To me, my touch is exclusive. Apart from accidental touching, a touch is a powerful emotion. In between childhood friends or school buddies, the touch or holding hands or even hugging means nothing. But among lovers, anywhere, touch must bring some sensual chemistry. You must feel a sensation deep down. Thus a non pervert guy touching you or wanting to touch you is a sure sign of attraction.
  4. Poetic exclamation : All poets might not be lovers but all lovers are poets. Men usually become writers or poets in front of those they love. They remember couplets or romantic numbers or some romantic lines. They often refer to romantic movies. You may find many lovers on Quora too. If love doesn’t make you romantic, it isn’t love.
  5. Reaction control : Men usually are quite outspoken. But in front of their girls they speak curated language. They pay special attention to your reaction and change their tone and choice of words accordingly. If you are angry, they shall offer an explanation. If you are sad, they might reverse the linguistic implications of their sentences by rephrasing or reframing. Your reactions are paramount to them. In short they care for your words,reactions, even your silence and act accordingly.
  6. Reaction sensitive : Men care for your reactions but also take your words and gestures to their heart. If you are not behaving properly or are rude or careless or insensitive, they might react sharply. Their mood and expression changes quite abruptly in front of you. Men are usually in control of their emotions and do not let you read them. If you are reading their emotions, means they are vulnerable in front of you and hence into you.
  7. Expression phobia : However confident and knowledgeable a man may look, he will always find it difficult to express his heart in front of you. The so called ‘ confession’ part is very difficult in front of true love. Otherwise men are known to propose to win bets only! It’s not that they are afraid to lose you or they are under confident,but somehow men find it extremely difficult to express feelings. We are not used to express love so often. Girls always say ‘I love you’ to their friends,they are so comfortable with ‘I love you’ stuff. Women are natural and at times wonder why isn’t he approaching or speaking his heart out if signals are clear. As a matter of fact, men are not accustomed to all this girly stuff. We know only only one way to express love. BC mar gaya kya! (Are you dead !). Now you know how difficult it is to become man from a monkey! What is normal for a girl is horrible for a boy. If a friend says ‘I love you’ to their friends (male),a quick response might be ‘Subah subah chadha li kya bhootni ke’ ( Are you drunk ?). If girls express early,a meeting to relationship time can easily be reduced to one tenth!
  8. Jealousy : You mention any guy in front of them and third world war starts in their minds. They take quick notice and are either hurt or may delve deeper like WWWH hierarchy. Guys are overtly protective if not jealous. They might trust you but never trust those creepy needy guys wanting a relationship at any cost! Your status change affect them more than their status on social media because girls (read good girls) don’t easily accept about love privately let alone publicly. You are ‘missing’ someone is not same as a guy missing ‘someone’. If you are that shy in front of them, how come you become so bold in social media? Doubts are most painful part of any relationship. Most of doubts are usually overactive imagination of lover’s mind.

Apart from these, guys behave in more polished manner, are better dressed, take bath and even brush their teeth if they gonna meet you, may use perfumes, smile more often etc.

Source: What are the indicators that explain that a guy has fallen in love with you?