Mind and ego are two greatest enemies of love. Ego protects our mind and mind protects our hearts.

But why ?

We all fall in true love in our life time. Some times mutual love. Even then its not completed.

  • The reason is our over thinking mind. We think too much. Sometimes we over value others and other times we undervalue them (same person!).
  • Mind is there to protect our tender heart.Sometimes one opens their heart and we start to play it with our mind, thinking them as weak and vulnerable.When they close their heart and open their mind, we open up!

This mistiming is greatest cause of loveless world.

  • Secondly we have become too self centred. We want it but never want to share it.Love is sharing and caring. But media made us too selfie oriented and ego centred.We are nothing but our ego. We kind of act nice to get the people’s attention and love. But soon our real colours surface (both ways) and ego starts to clash.

Thus love fades away.

True love is synchrony of feelings. Feelings of both people synchronise simultaneously and love overtakes ego and petty worldly feelings.People don’t realise the pleasure of true love since they never had it in full except with their mother or parents in some cases.

You know prime need of all humans is security and comfort. Greatest security is in knowing that someone out there can die for you, and will never leave you in any circumstance. You can depend on them totally if needed. This kind of feeling can only come through true love. I don’t say the one must die for another but ‘can die if need comes’ is the real comfort.

Love is greatest comfort, rest are mere words.