A soulmate is one who lives in you with you.

  • When lovers are so attached that they become one entity, then they become your soul mate.
  • Whenever you forget your self in presence of someone, no inhibitions, ego, shyness,, game play, mind games, needs etc remain, you found your soulmate.
  • A soul mate is beyond a lover. It takes time to become soulmate. 24 hours you must have a single thought in the background. Every face, every voice must resemble them. Complete devotion, complete surrender, total commitment, no hidden agendas whatsoever.
  • If you feel that there are unreasonable and unrealistic thoughts, you must stop your search here now.

Soulmates are rare to find. You get only one or may be two chances to get one.

You can never get separated from your soulmate. You can never love anyone else after that. It is dangerous is that respect. Because after complete surrender of yourself, there is no you or me but we.

Complete surrender of self requires courage. But without that there is no avail.