Difference between a real Alpha and fake alpha is the way they handle emotions, slight insults, shit tests, other men etc.

  1. A fake alpha reacts to shit tests, he does ‘something’ to counter it. A real Alpha just smiles and moves on (or let go or takes in its stride). Nothing interrupts his concentration, his efforts or his focus. Whatever a fake alpha consciously ‘does’, a real Alpha has all that as second nature, no thought, just inbuilt.
  2. Yes you got to fake it to make it but do not stick for too long else faking becomes your second nature!
  3. The moment you stop thinking about all seduction, red pill ideas etc and everything becomes effortless and natural, you become a real Alpha man.
  4. Real Alpha is cool , calm and composed. He doesn’t need company to be happy or otherwise. He has his inner confidence, knowledge and inner enriched world.
  5. A fake Alpha tries to understand women and their behaviour while a real Alpha decodes the emotional and mental state of any women by just having a deep glance.
  6. A fake Alpha has two tracks. One in his inner mind and other in his outer conscious mind. A real ALpha has only one track, the outer conscious one. Alpha man lives in present, he worries not about what the woman thinks or what could be the potential outcomes of whatever he says (Because he intuitively understands what a women wants and what to say).
  7. Fake Alpha phase is not a prerequisite to become real Alpha but is a good starting point (at least to see what really works, test waters and in the process gain real confidence).
  8. Remember a toddler is given support while learning to walk but he has to leave all support one day. Ultimately when he learns and masters how to walk, he never needs support again.
  9. Same way, seductions ideas and red pill are your support system but ultimately you will learn your own methods, devise your own rules and shall enrich the commuinity with your own wisdom.

An expert follows every rule while a master breaks them all. That’s the real difference.

Alpha male is attitude, real understanding of world and female mind dynamics. Knowledge and wisdom are real tools for any real man and yes they require hard work, practice and perseverance. We all have to walk from the same roads and there is no shortcut to success whatsoever, anywhere.

Yes some people get a better headstart (gentically or in terms of physical appearance), but ultimately master is the one who learns and not the one who is gifted.

Power of compounding interest is most visible in the field of gaining knowledge.

Importance and uses of Alpha frame : TheRedPill