No. Natural instincts are against monogamy (For both men and women).

Why Monogamy Is Ridiculous

  • Biologically any women wants the best genes for her offspring and NOT one of the best sperms of her partner. It has been recorded that in primeval history of humans, many men used to copulate with a women turn by turn before her pregnancy.They would wait in line outside the cave for their turn.
    1. Love, Sex and Monogamy in Paleolithic times and Today. Women can have multiple orgasms and this can be explained only by multiple partner hypothesis.
    2. Early humans ‘more promiscuous and competitive’ than modern-day man

Tests led a team of US researchers, headed by Professor Gordon Gallup, to conclude that the penis acts as a “semen displacement device” and its shape has evolved in part to displace another man’s semen.

Penis is a competitive beast

  • Testosterone is a competitive hormone. While monogamy ha sits advantages as a family, it makes little sense for a biological body of male to preserve his gens for only one women. As womnea re designed for the best offspring, men are designed for passing their genes to as many women as possible.

Why are men polygamous by nature? The Answer is very simple. This may be a very bitter pill to swallow for many people, especially for those women that come from the Indian subcontinent. However, the reality is that men, by their very nature, are “wired” to be polygamous. If they do not get to practice polygamy in the correct, responsible and ethical sense of the word, they will practice an unethical form of serial polygamy involving mistresses and prostitutes.

Why are men polygamous by nature? Power of the Visual – The Deen Show

We became monogamous for the following reasons.

  • Lack of resources to fulfill needs of multiple partners as well as offsprings.
  • STDs and unavailability of their cure and treatment in primeval era.How STIs May Have Forced Cavemen To Be Monogamous
  • Evolution of emotions, love and sex linked with emotions.

In future emotions would cease to exist due to evolution. Emotions are primarily due to insecurity and fear. As technology will grow and make world more secure, emotions will ultimately bid us a good bye. As people get richer they become less empathetic.How Wealth Reduces Compassion

Further more and more people are monogamous because they have no other choice available. In next hundred years people (all people) will have multiple mating choices and their will be less competition and jealousy. Hence In half a century, marriage, monogamy, love, emotion etc. all will be evolutionarily extinct.

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Care will replace all other emotions.

Monogamy is less of a choice than restraint.