Things which men think women care but really don’t

  1. Bragging, your academic or professional achievements, your bragging or show off about pricey gadgets, watches, accessories etc. If you have to tell you are successful or rich or intelligent, probably you ar enot. Women rely on their highly developed sixth sense and are mostly right about their hunches. A woman can make out whether you love her or not, no need to tell her. Its her turn to let you know about her love or let you to let her know her about your love to her!
  2. Numbers and facts : Women are least interested in numbers, facts, data, figures, prices etc. The are more interested in stories behind those numbers. How did he scored that century is more interesting than the fact that he holds a guinness record for this many runs etc. They like stories filled with emotions and drama and not mere data points.
  3. Following them like creep : Women hate creepy followers. They want to know about you but from their own efforts, from third party, from their own research. They want to know about you from others. Don’t follow them aimlessly everywhere but give them the opportunity to notice you somewhere. Be in their periphery but never approach directly and follow them everywhere. Women are thrilled by accidental meetings, seeing you unexpectedly. Even if you follow them, make is accidental meeting.
  4. Too much attention : Even though men feel that women like too much attention, regular good morning good evening texts, text on every small big event in their life, they really don’t seem to enjoy it. Remember women are ultra imaginative, they like to explore, like to find about you. Don’t destroy their thrill by being omnipresent everywhere. text them something substantial. Don;t just shoot ‘Hi beautiful’. Write at least three four lines and it is best practice to approach any girl with a real purpose rather than praising her sexy legs and nice body.
  5. Too direct and clear in your message, gestures and talk : Women are indirect, they talk in code language which is always indirect. Never write ‘I love you baby’ in your first message to any girl. They understand your emotions. They have very high sixth sense. Don’t ruin their experience by being too direct and succinct.
  6. Nudes and dick pics : Women are not voyeur. They are indeed sexual but in a different way. Don’t send unsolicited dick pics to girls or even your girl friends unless they want it directly from you.

What women really want? Be ready to be shocked!