Almost every day!

I have this innate ability to recognize people’s personality from their body language, face, expressions etc.

I am usually correct. Yes I do love people including girls.

I do not fall in love, and expect anything from them like sex, companionship or friendship disguised for future sex. I do not approach strangers to make the my friends (But yes, if required, I can be your best friend in half an hour).

I love because I love, without expectations and commitments.

In my college and early job days, I used to move ahead and make friendships with strangers. I would go and talk to anyone standing for a bus queue or for waiting for ATM line or anything. My communication skills improved to such an extent that now it is never a problem for me to find friends.

I have experienced all. Friendship, friendship (Love) disguised for sex, multiple affairs (Up to eight or more at a time), one sided love, two sided love, one sided love (from other end), mutual love, unrequited love, mutual unrequited love, soul mate love (Thrice, one recent).

You know what gave me most pleasure.

Mutual monogamous true soulmate type love.

I can’t explain the joy of that euphoria. Getting a girl using your methods gives satisfaction to the ego but getting love naturally (with out any mind games, pure and natural) gives you ecstasy.

I am sorry to say that ‘pure unconditional love’ is a dying art.