Boy with girl friend

  1. Late night chats
  2. Tensed about her safety
  3. Enormous phone bills initially.
  4. Pressure to look good
  5. Pressure to do well in life as well as exams etc
  6. Pressure to bath and brush every day!
  7. Getting ready for a lot of queries regarding that bitch, where were you last evening, no cigarettes, no rum etc.
  8. Pressure from girl about prospective matches and ability to outmatch them.
  9. Girl behaving like wife before marriage and dictator after marriage.

Boy with out girl friend

  1. Free life
  2. Inferiority complex of not having a girl friend from those already suffering!
  3. False impression that life will be heaven after getting girl friend!
  4. Reading tips online on to how to woo a lady, contrary to their counterparts, who learn about ‘how to avoid a break up’ or,’how to get new girl (usually girl friends BFF!)’.
  5. Thinking that all girls are gold diggers or bitches or taken or arrogant.
  6. Good academic performance and successful career.