Deviating from popular myth that skin color make you attractive, I have a different theory.

  1. Health : You total health is paramount for you physical attractiveness. Healthy female is most sought after since men seek women who can give birth to healthy kids. (Yes men think of future kids always with women they fantasize. I always assumed my future babies with women I was associated with). This is inbuilt in men and women both, biologically.
  2. Skin quality : I don’t care about color but skin quality or health is most important indicator of women health. It shows that woman is good enough to manage herself and her body and hence can manage a man as well. As a male, we are disorganized. We hate order. Women must instill order in our life. A man can live in his jockey seven days a week for all 12 months! . We don’t care about hygiene or bathing as such. These are time waste for us!
  3. Quality of thoughts : Sexiest women can talk sense. They know basic psychology, have a better understanding of the world. You beauty is just attractive for two minutes. The moment you open your mouth, ears take the front seat. Men die to be with witty women.If you can talk with me whole day, nothing else is required.
  4. Fashion sense : Men are not great actors but are great judge. We may not have the patience to select best matching combination of shirt and trousers but we have a hawks eye in judging women.We are minimalist. We love you when you wear only one brace let or ring but that is classy enough.We hate women with tons of accessories or make up. Minimum make up (or only touch up) is best.
  5. Your walk : Grace fun walk is a hidden gem of women treasure. Men have unique ability to guess about women character by the way she walks! . Your walk must be balanced, feminine and natural. Do not try to swing those pendulums so much. You look slutty when you do that.
  6. Enigmatic confidence and aura : Men are seekers. They want to open you like a book in every sense. Enigmatic girls are most sought after in any social setting. A women who is tempting but also with holding. A women who looks immersed in her own thoughts and not caring about surroundings always intrigue men. The hunter in a male brain will always come up to you. Great men follow enigmatic women.They want their women to open only to them exclusively, in senses more than one. Less social butterfly you are, more quality men you shall find approaching you.
  7. Exclusive taste and a bit of royalty : Men prefer women who have exclusive taste. You must have a favorite color,favorite author,book,movies,song,place ,person and many other similar tastes. We want and love women who have some particular taste so that we can relate with you. We want to identify our selves with those exclusively. We love women who seem to be crafted specifically for us. Tantrums do not equal royalty. Royalty means a behavior which is not down market. Not always counting pennies. Frugal but not cheap. Able to enjoy life without worrying about every bit of expense. Royalty has nothing to do with your financial position but your state of mind.