Contrary to popular standards,

  1. I like Honey Singh and Chetan bhagat (Only two books).
  2. I don’t drink or smoke and still I think I am cool.
  3. Have no house loans or car loans. I invest my money and like a true Marwari take care of my money frugally.
  4. Believe in economic freedom and time as wealth. I value my time, am in perfect blissful state of mind and living my dream life as an entrepreneur. No office timings, no morning rush, no boss, no targets, no waiting for Sunday etc. I earn 100% of my hard work contrary to a employed person who is paid approximately 10% of his hard work. My satisfaction index with life is 10/10.
  5. Even though I have written few books on seduction and flirting, I believe in true love. I hate those methods to continue in any relationship. You can start with them, get close to your lover but in long term they are draining, boring and hollow. Better buy sex instead of seducing a girl fo rsex only. Its not worth the effort. I really believe in true love and this might be old fashioned and outdated.
  6. I have given absolute freedom to my kids to pursue whatever they want , whatever way they like. They can become an engineer, a doctor, accountant, Youtuber, Magician, Singer, actor or pot smith.I am only here to guide them on whatever they want to do.