There is no universal truth of life. Your truth changes with age. Truth changes with people, place, stage of life, perspective and other factors.

For a child, the truth is utopian world where everything fits perfectly and works wonderfully.

For a teenager life is full of colors, romance, dreams, idealistic image of love, career, Rosy ideas about life.

For young adult life is challenging, humbling, struggle, a very tough long never ending ordeal.

Young thirties is the age of self realisation, slowing down a bit, understanding true colors of life and love, understanding real mechanics of world and getting even with this utterly clever and fake world.

Forties is the age of pleasure. Enough knowledge, money, experience, life skill. You don’t worry about bread and butter. You think of higher goals. Higher perspective.

This is documented that people’s earning top at 46 years of age. Peak earnings for men come in their early 50s

Further people are happiest in their 60s.

We’re Most Satisfied With Life At These Two Ages

Follow Buddha. Your happiness is your natural state of mind.

Why celebrities are more famous than scientists?

Be happy whenever you are whatever you do, with out any reason.