Genius is often boring (Except few examples like Einstein etc.).

  • In 1950, the most famous man in the world was Einstein. people understood his quotes and not his theories.
  • Genius people are often self absorbed and have very limited social life. Their man area of expertise is their subject of expertise.Common man has very little connection to that.
  • Celebrities talk in terms of stories, which relate to every one.They inspire us to look better and feel better. They are charming and also very intelligent(Believe me!). They touch your life, your little ambitions and your little stories.They are real and not theoretical.
  • Who wants to know about the average value of gravitational constant G of previous 10 years. Instead we relate more to batting average of Sachin. We also play and also have our own little average to compare with little master.
  • Lastly, genius people hate disturbances. They like their private time and not public time.