I gave up junk food,white salt,tea,refined and white sugar.

  • I was a junkie foodie. Mc D and KFC were my second home. Street vendors selling those delicious junk food knew me by my name!. It was difficult in the beginning with a lot of with drawl symptoms. But in only ten days, my bio chemistry for food changed. I stopped craving. Now I cannot eat oily food. If I eat too much junk at any time, I start to feel like vomiting.Even after looking at those old pals of mine give me upset stomach and disgusting feelings.
    • My skin quality (blush!) improved.
    • I have fewer (close to zero) fever,cold and flu.
    • My energy sky rocketed (I am still very lazy though!).
    • Sleep quality improved.
    • Quality of thoughts and clarity of mind increased manifold.
    • I became less vulnerable to ‘In love with every good girl’ phenomenon!
  • Leaving other products mentioned and replacing them by honey,black or pink salt, mustard oil (unrefined) etc. my health improved significantly (proof coming). My blood test report is near perfect now.
  • Right now I am missing my gym due to a mild nerve pull, but exercising at least half an hour a day integrates all those benefits mentioned earlier, 2X better.

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