She was not made for you. Else you were only a time pass option.

  • Mind is a slave of circumstances. Very few people are grounded to their roots. Its okay that she left you. She might have higher ambitions, better opportunities. You can’t force her to be with you. Hence eI always say, test your love and test them often. Before investing yourself fully, test the water!
  • I don’t believe in what people say but in what they do!. I always make a graph of any one associated with me in my mind and create pattern of their behavior and then judge how much to invest in them. What I learnt in my life is that “You will always crave true love and real friends in your life , when you have so called career and loads of money.”
  • Don’t blame her either. We all are brainwashed and programmed by media about money and success. Once you all basic needs are fulfilled, more money gives you nothing but a number on your computer screen and ego on your mind.
  • But please forget her. She will realize her mistake dearly but it will take a long time. Just live your life and find some one whose thoughts are still unadulterated by media and social media.