I see people rushing to their jobs, businesses, achieving target, earning money, running day in day out, always in a hurry.

Strangest thing which I feel is that we all are running but reaching nowhere.People have career, relationships, friendships aka strategic alliances but no life. I am yet to meet a person whom I have asked ‘Are you really happy today?’ and he answered affirmatively.

They say they will be happy when they buy their dream home, dream car, get that sexy girl, get that promotion etc. Go to them after when they have achieved so called goals, they will tell you ‘Ah the house is not that big, my friend has just bought a bigger better one, that car has so may problems which I never researched before, that sexy girl is damn bore and has nothing to offer to stimulate my mind.’

Now they attach their future happiness to bigger better goals!

The thing which surprises me is that people are not instinctively happy, they are not happy that they have been given a chance to see and enjoy this world, they are not happy for being alive. They need objects, goals, relationships etc. to be happy.

Happiness is our instinctive quality. Ever seen small kid. He I happy with those paper planes, he is happy with those little marbles, he is happy even after seeing a bird fly! He is happy irrespective of situation, time and place.

This is enlightenment, being happy without reason.

Here is the science of enlightenment for the disbelievers.