I work in educational industry, primarily IIT JEE entrance test preparation.

I was selected for interview of one of the biggest coaching institutes in India after written test and group discussion. Three faculties were interviewing us. They were sort of young teachers. They started by making fun of clothes , shoes etc. I wear casual clothes like jeans,wood land etc. They were expecting a dress code. Well that was okay. I thought they might be checking my confidence per se.

After his initial tug up was over, they started questioning. After basic concepts they gave me few problems to solve. The interview was being recorded and I guess the candidate was finalized before wards.

The purpose of asking questions was to disrupt the flow and disturb the flow.They interrupted each time I spoke,diverted my attention to my casual clothes,related it to my casual behavior etc. The give a problem as as soon as they finished speaking they aid ‘You can’t do this,lets us move to next!’. I said give me time at least to think.

They proceeded like this and were making a note on a sheet. The questions were given to them beforehand and they were asking from that pool. I was stunned and frustrated. I have an interview selection rate of 90%. This was unexpected.

I sensed their real motive and I thought to give them a lesson. I said ‘Okay I don’t know any of your questions nor their answers’.

I give you all three, these three problems. If any one of you can solve any one of them, I shall move ahead else I consider it a waste of time to give interview to incompetent people who can’t think of questions on their own and asking from a bit of paper.

This was video recorded and I could feel the shiver along their spine. Their smile went off and suddenly I became ‘Pandey Sir!’ from Mr. Pandey. They tried to shrug that off by allowing me to give more time and saying that ‘You are offended’ logic. But I was in no mood to spare them.Not only for me but for other aspirants waiting outside.

I gave them three problems of JEE domain. They were conceptual and didn’t required much calculation.To give them more time,I excused for washroom. After 10 minutes I returned and as I believed, they were still stuck.

I gave them my number and said that if no one else from your team can’t solve this,call me.I left with unsettled look and humiliation on their faces. I was informed in the hotel room (we were staying in 3 star accommodation provided by the company) that they were (after me) interviewed by the most pleasant and friendly interviewers of the world!

As expected I got a call from HOD after a week. I declined how ever since it was an overseas opportunity and my family conditions were not permitting me to join at that point of time.