The best thing I learnt on Quora is that

  • Everyone has an modified version of truth. My truth,your truth and ‘the truth’.
  • All nice guys and decent girls are on Quora and they are never going to find each other and hunters and seductresses are always there to ‘use ‘and ‘throw’ them again and again!
  • Your best answers are those with less than 50 upvotes!
  • Grammar nazi’s are real and the word itself is NOT a proper word!
  • Some people can fall in love with your thoughts also!
  • Stupid and creepy people are not limited to facebook.They can find their way to Quora also.
  • ‘Quora bot’ loves me absolutely and she has a crush on me (And several others!)
  • 90% of Anonymous are females.
  • 90% of Quora audience is (Must) female.
  • Every one with 1k up votes is not a writer nor has any intentions to be the same. Some of them just don’t know why they have got more up votes on their particular answer than total views on their all other answers combined!
  • Every expert on love and dating is not as successful in their real love life as much.They give great advice but never follow themselves as they believe it won’t work of them!
  • Every one who advises futility of having a girl/boy friend desires them secretly!
  • Guys every where in this world have now realised that ‘Mr. Wallet is the most handsome guy in this world’.
  • Guys have now realised that now ‘girls have also learnt all tricks of the trade!’.
  • Guys are well aware that ‘Appointment letter’ from a top MNC (Preferably Google or Apple) gets more girls than every thing else combined including whatever crap you read on those sexy nice bios of ‘nice girls’!
  • Girls want password of your ‘bank account’ more than ‘pass code’ of your iPhone!

Even though I write at the end of my all answers like these that ‘Exceptions are always there’, you know there are none!!


As Abraham Lincoln said ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time, you can please some of the people some of the time’.

Same is true here. However you be nice to people there will be down voters, there will be Naysayers, there will be haters. You ought to accept this at the very beginning of your journey, both on Quora and life.