1. When I was very young (toddler), the best two minutes were relief from peeing a long hold.
  2. When I was in junior school,the first two minutes after closing bell of school were the best.
  3. Later on in college, my first ever kiss was best two minutes I ever had. It was awkward for both of us.We were naive and kind of shy. I was so shy that she teased me to a point of manliness that I went for it (In mixed emotion of anger, shyness and wonder!).
  4. When I started earning, the SMS of first ever salary credit gave me those best moments.
  5. Not to mention, first time sexual encounter too chilled my spine for those ‘two minutes’ (literally).

After that those moments were reignited when my both the kids were born.

The feeling of becoming a father are priceless. Your kids make you a man from a boy.