I don’t know whether I am famous or not by your standards but to me personally there is zero pressure.

  • I write because I love to write. Many of my answers have zero up votes and I care not.
  • I write when I feel restless and my creative energy wants an outlet.I please only one person out there and that is me.
  • I do not write curated content for popularity because you may not know the difference but I will know it.
  • Quora is like my personal diary. I write because many things I cannot share all the times with people I love. If some one really cares about me,I am here available for them,at least in thoughts. I write because my mood is different at different times. All which I know comes out only in specific moments.Hence whatever little treasure of wisdom I have, I want to share it to the world.
  • My answers are my way to create a log of my experiences for my next generations to come. I will die but my answers shall remain there (hope fully).
  • I cannot express certain emotions in person and hence I choose this indirect mode of communication.

PPS : I guess most of the ‘popular writers’ out there share my viewpoint.I feel that people love originality and they have the intellect to catch shamming in answers or otherwise.