Love is a complex number (Emotion).

Few things are always imaginary.

  • Love is not utopian.
  • Love is pain mixed with pleasure. If you love doesn’t gives you few sleepless nights and other ecstatic moments, it isn’t true love.
  • Love is in fact homeopathic dose of pain. Misconceptions, jealousy, anger,sulking,wheedling,love,hate,pain,pleasure,friendships,compassion, almost all emotions are evident in love.
  • Love is a complete emotion consisting of all positives as well as negatives. This is the prime reason love fulfils because it takes care of all your emotional needs.

Being in true love means that you don’t need any other partner or any other friend or any other relationship as your primary relation since one suits all is love.

Love is complete emotion and not only positive. No pain , no true love.