Usually love is instant connection.

It does not stop at friendship, liking etc.

Love progresses but always start with little sapling of love. A liking usually is never converted to love since it caters to separate regions of brain. Thus no one friend zones you afterwards, they start with a friend.

Love is spark while liking is warm water. Spark can grow out to be fire of love but warm water however hot can never ignite a fire. Both can be soothing a well as harmful but the initial ingredients are different.

To fall in love or to make other fall in love always start with a spark and you know that for spark you need little friction, little conflict, little anger, little of everything and not just niceness. That is why nice guys finish last. They are always like warm water, comforting and soothing. They avoid any conflicts or friction. They are too afraid about other losing another person. But as in life, no risk no gain, is applicable in love aptly.

Sometimes to get a girl you might have to test their limits and risk loosing them. Most of you are too coward to do that (sorry for harsh but true words).

When ever any man puts his self respect at stake to get any girl, he loses her instantly.

A word of caution : Self respect does not equate to arrogance or insecurity. Girls have acute sixth sense and respect that. They are programmed to choose the best available to them. In fact a girl chooses a man and allows him to chase her.