10 Secrets of women you never knew

  1. Women are great stalkers, sometimes even better than men. They are masters in creating fake profiles.
  2. They are masters in hiding emotions and are infinitely patient. Some times their hormonal imbalance could be the reason but many times not.
  3. Women check out men same as men check out women. But women do it discreetly and do when you are either far off or not looking at them. They have ultra developed peripheral vision. You can say that a woman can look at you even when she is in front of you. Yes that strong!
  4. Women love sex but seldom admit it openly. A female body has many sensuous points. They internalize sex and at times get orgasmic via touch or talk or imagination. It has been well proved that penetrative sex produce orgasm only 30% of time in women. Fore play can bring orgasm if done correctly. Women feel sex and not witness it.
  5. Sex talk which women do with their girl friends and their wild fantasy can put all men at shame. Men have similar fantasy but women are more vivid. Just think you have a stick and you have to put it in a hole, how many different types of holes you can think of (Anatomically their are 28 types of vagina, differentiated by shape and size). Now think you have a hole, think how many different kinds of things,objects you can put in! But these are more in imagination than in practice. Women have vivid imagination and elephant memory. They don’t need physical things very often.
  6. Women are crazy about smell. As the way to a mans heart is through food (of any kind!), way to a woman’s heart is through smell. Since women are not vouyer, they like peripheral objects of attraction like smell, words,gestures etc. Now you know how chimps gets fairies!
  7. Women love attention. They love when you can recall any minute details of conversation with them, any feeling or small incidences. They absolutely love those guys who think about them.
  8. Women are very sensitive to touch. They hate creepy touches but they also tend to keep some distance with their crushes. They know their ability to control their sensuous emotions is very limited when aroused perfectly. Women’s body is very erogenous. This is why women’s touch is exclusive for people they love. Touch is not casual for them but has deep emotional significance. You penetrate a woman emotionally first, physical penetration is just a formality. Women you love (she also loves you), always had mental sex with you many times before even you touched them. Women are this internal.
  9. You become a part of women who loves you (true love). She breathes you all the time, you are her total internal existence. Women don’t often have casual infatuations and hence they are much more faithful. Women feel the love through their every cell of their body.
  10. Men like to win.Men like multiple partners but women only like to attract. They only charm but men may seduce (Women also do that but in smaller percentage).