My worst experience was never related to money (even if it was, I don’t count it).

My worst experiences were always related to ‘trust’. More blindly I trusted someone, more betrayal I got. Ironically we betray (can betray) only those who trust us blindly.

Let me tell you a story (Not mine but of my friend).

My friend (close) was madly in love with a girl. They were sort of ‘world famous’ in our area.Perfect couple, ready to die for each other!

Sad part : His girl friend was interested in me also. Out of several gestures and methods she tried to approach me. Some one informed me that she befriended him just to entice me.I used to take all this in light ‘humor’.

One day some thing unprecedented happened. She kind of exposed her ‘too girly’ parts to me (Almost all). She was not wearing her undergarments that day and was only in her skirts. (You can imagine how she would have managed that trick).

I again thought that it might have been ‘wardrobe malfunction’. But my suspicion grew in coming days due to her ‘too touchy’ and sexual gestures.

I was in great dilemma. Even though the said girl was sexy by all standards and many guys would just jump on her like a stray dog (The waiting list was too long), my views regrading physical intimacy were always very clear.

My touch is exclusive. I cannot touch you if I don’t like you.

I tried to give hints to my friend and he started hating me more!

She brainwashed him and told him that I was hitting on her!. Once she asked me to write a love letter, for one of her male friends, to give to his ‘lover’.

She showed the same letter to my friend and told that I wrote it for her!

That day my faith from female world got a ‘earth quake’.

She betrayed my friend as was evident. Our friendship was tormented and we became worst enemies kind of ‘world famous’ in the area.

Bonus Tip : Your handwriting is your signature. Never give anything to anyone in your own hand handwriting. It can be used against you.

Bonus Tip #2 : Now a days every phone comes with call recording feature. Be very careful with your words on phone. It can be a potent tool against you.