1. Love and relationship are two different things. Love is a relationship but not vice versa.
  2. We are a country of double standards. We have different moral code for ‘my daughter’ and ‘your daughter’ , ‘my girl’ and ‘your girl’ and many other similar combinations like money,career choices,sexual orientation,cleanliness,public vs private property etc.
  3. Engineering is NOT the best career option if you suck at maths and logic.
  4. India was ‘sparrow of gold’. Stop living on your past laurels and face current situation.
  5. Everything from science,engineering and philosophy was NOT derived from ancient knowledge of Indian Rishis. Even though India was cultural and educational hub of world but now it’s an old story. Yes people did copied and stole our knowledge but now modern science is much more advanced than that initial theft. We must not discredit others hard work as theft.
  6. Love marriage is NOT as easy as it seems in movies. We are still quite orthodox in this arena. (Even though all our deities did love marriage).
  7. Religion and politics are most popular and polarizing topics over here. You can be literally killed for spilling beans over religious matters.
  8. Sex is still a taboo. It seems some how that we know some method to give birth to children without sex!
  9. Having a girlfriend is ‘cool’ for boys and having a ‘boyfriend’ is usually ‘slutty’ for girls specially in semi urban areas.
  10. Most of us have dirty fantasies about many people of opposite gender but we hide it like anything. (True for both genders).


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