I was surfing on internet and stumbled upon this website.I read a few answers and went away. Soon I was a regular visitor and was amazed by the quality of answers and intellect of people in general.I was sure that we have a wealth of talent hidden in this world.

I also tried writing few answers and soon I improved. I was amazed at my own mind’s ability to improvise and learn from others (mirror neurons). It did changed my life. I became more stable. Soon I was getting many messages seeking help in emotional issues. I was satisfied that my answers are helping few people. I met many wonderful people via messages,mostly innocent people who were used emotionally or manipulated or were in conflicts. I helped quite a few.

I noticed a pattern in my writing.It was not regular but there were bouts of emotions waiting to be unleashed. At times I had written 40 answers per day. Some time more!

I usually write more in JFM since I have more time. After a month or so you will find me less frequent.

Quora gave me amazing friends (In my message box). I am sorry,I am not that regular in catching with them,but I know whenever connect,they respond very well. Even though I chat (I love chatting) on WA with quite a few friends, Quora chats are always special. Because people on Quora know me quite well from inside and not from my outer persona. They really ask heartfelt questions and real things.

Quora made me humble.