Greatest love are always unfinished ones.

I already mentioned quite many times back that my greatest love was a Bengali lass named San***ta and a Bangalore lassie named Anu**ma. Surprisingly both were unfinished (not unsuccessful).

I often wonder why that after them I met many wonderful women in life and was never attached to that extent ?

The reason was simple. I never got them completely! This is the reason I hate marriages or commitment. The moment you or I commit for some thing our mind takes things for granted and hence loses interest!

Mind wants to win and also wants to possess things. Heart is only into giving. The problem is that our heart is not the decision maker! We all are our minds!

This is very very rare to find soulmates as it is very very difficult to find people who think totally from heart with no barrier from mind. Only people who are enlightened can find true love. For others love will become boring in four weeks at most!

Every love story is rosy in the beginning but boring at the end. Why so ? Because we want to clinch other person,he must not leave us,not go and talk to others and hence it becomes a burden and not love.

Love is freedom.If my lover feels inclined to some one else,it must be totally fine with me and same for her. If I am drifting she must leave me too.If love can’t stop,what else can!

In short the best women are those who you don’t know fully. Else we all are same from inside.If true love really fulfills, I guess there might be many couples who are living in ecstasy. There are none.

What really fulfills ?

Love with out mind. It can happen only when two people become one. I don’t know anyone can love like ‘Meera’ in today’s world.

On second note, love of today aka relationship is also fine and is at times 90% fulfilling. It will not give you bliss but will give you happiness,companionship and mental satisfaction. If you are not getting nectar,it is wise to get some tasty lemon water. Something is better than nothing.